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5000 IG Likes
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Product Description

Why should I buy 5000 Instagram likes and what are the benefits of it?

The instagram algorithm thrives off of likes. It makes no difference what your follower count is, the amount of people seeing your posts, or anything else. What matters is that you get people liking your post, and the most simple way to do this is by buying 5000 real hits for your IG account! It’s beneficial for everyone to buy more hearts, whether you’re an upcoming influencer, or a tenured small business! Why? IG likes show the world that people are engaging in your posts, and the more likes you receive, the more people will see your account.

How do I buy 5000 likes on Instagram and what will happen after?

It’s simple and easy! First, you choose the package, give us your account username, and once you’ve paid, we’ll send you an email with confirmation. That’s it! Your posts will start receiving hits 24 hours after purchase. Once you get 5000 likes, you can see your numbers start to go up! It’s like buying an instant boost for how successful your account is. Remember that hearts can be split between different photos, you just need to let us know which posts you wish to promote.

Where can I buy IG likes and why Instabuyagram is the best place for it?

Many sites offer today this type of service, but we are different because we streamline our process, thus you end up only receiving engagement from real likers in a genuine amount of time. There’s no hassles or complicated directions, and our pricing is the best on the market! Plus, we slowly send your package over the course of a few days. Why? We think sending the package slowly is the best method for our customers. Our service is something that you can pay for and really be happy about using, because your instagram photos will actually be getting the attention they deserve.

How much will this service cost me?

At only $20, our 5000 hearts package is the cheapest and best place. Our cheap deals also get better with bigger packages. This means that there is no other service that can provide 5000 real Instagram likes from high quality, active insta accounts at such a low cost. Not only that, but we can provide affordable help long term, for all photos!

How to buy a package on your website? What are the steps to follow?

The process is easy and stress free.

  • After you’ve made sure your account is public, it only requires picking out your package on our website.
  • Enter then the info about your account and the photos you want the likes to be added to.
  • Choose your option for payment. We accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as different types of credit and debit cards, like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
  • Indicate your email address to receive the confirmation of your order.
  • Your package will start flowing in a day, and you’ll get more attention than ever!

How about safety to buy 5,000 likes for instagram?

All of our ig likes are from genuine accounts, and they don’t all like your post at the same time. This means that your paid engagement is mixed in with everyone else’s, and IG has no problem with that! Your purchase is entirely anonymous and untraceable, making us one of the best sites to get a like delivery for all your posts and Instagram pictures. What’s more, all our payment options are secure and no confidential information is gathered from you, nor revealed to the third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Instagram know when I buy hits?

IG doesn’t want people getting a bunch of bot interactions at the same time. Because of this, they track when that happens. Luckily, your account isn’t getting any ig bots, and they don’t happen at the exact same time, so you have nothing to worry about!

How can I get 5000 interactions on someone else’s Instagram?

The process is the same and easy no matter what account you are getting it for. In fact, we don’t even require a password! This means that you can literally get a username for whatever account you want. This can be for a friend, family member, or a random person!

How soon can I get 5,000 likes?

It’s only a matter of your internet speed, and how fast you can load the pages online! Once you’ve done all the steps listed above, you will start getting your real hits in 24 hours. In fact, we operate all over the world (as long as your info is working and Instagram is available), and the hearts can be added from clients in the US, UK, Australia and many other countries. However, it doesn’t influence the speed of delivery.

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    This is my first order here. Also, I've used other similar sites and apps. But this service surprised me with its simplicity of ordering process and an accessible explanation from the support manager Hannah. 5k is a huge amount. The decision was made after I learned that they provide a guarantee. Perfect! Highly recommend!

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    I'm a regular customer, but I never leave testimonials. haha. But after buying 5k hearts I received an email saying that if I leave a review, I will receive 100 bonus ones. The service is the best I have ever used. The prices are really cheap! Let's see if there will be a bonus;) Looking forward!

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