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Product Description

Why are experts saying that I should buy 1000 Instagram followers? Who typically buys them?

Buying a bundle of followers, aka approval on the IG app can boost your following almost immediately. All you are required to do is choose an Insta profile to direct the followers to and the process has begun. Additional engagement can attract real active users and other real likers that can really grow your profile overnight. Whether you buy them for business, for your own purposes, whether you are a blogger, an influencer, an artist, this service will be useful to you. Our site offers cheap fans that compete with any of the top packages offered elsewhere online.

How does the process with 1000 followers work and what happens when you buy authentic IG friends?

Purchasing thousands of friends is quite simple. Once you provide our team with your good IG username, choose the package, proceed with the Visa credit card payment, or any other payment option suitable for you, and we’ll start working on your order. Placing an order can be done in just a few minutes which means that your fast arriving engagement could be on their way any minute. And the most convenient thing is that you don’t even need to provide any password of yours.

Why should I choose to buy 1000 real Instagram followers from

Because we can offer fast delivery, high-quality customer service and an easy to navigate website. is the best place to pay for the cheapest traffic and friends while still avoiding bots that can risk your account being investigated and potentially banned. So, what are you waiting for? Our safe services are offered in the USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, and many other targeted countries!

Is it expensive to buy followers for the IG app?

The price for 1000 active fans on will be only $14.99, a worth deal that should be incredibly difficult for you to pass up. Once you’ve purchased your chosen package, we’ll follow up sending you the confirmation via email and begin delivering the product you paid for. It is useful to know that the more you buy, the more gradually we will introduce them to your account. Our goal is to accomplish your order on time within the expected timeline and increase your results, so that you gain new engagements quickly.

Easy steps for buying 1000 Instagram followers

If you’ve been wondering how to buy IG followers, our website is chalked with all the information you’re looking for. Follow these quick and easy steps to purchase 1000 friends for Instagram:

  • Choose the package of 1000 to order.
  • Tell us your username or the URL to your account.
  • Continue with the payment option you choose.
  • Provide your email address so that we can send you the instant confirmation of your order.

Is it risky to buy 1000 followers on Instagram?

It’s only risky to buy Instagram followers if you are working with a site that relies on bots and fake users to provide engagement. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about a ban because our traffic comes from real users! On top of that, our delivery doesn’t contradict any Instagram terms and conditions, so there’s no reason to worry about.


What is the guarantee that fans I buy won’t unfollow after I’ve already bought them?

Because the users that we utilize to generate attention are genuine and not bots created solely for the purpose of fulfilling orders, they will not disappear at least for 30 days. This is the unfollow protection we offer. However, we cannot guarantee that they will stay engaged forever, as with real people, you never know what they may be interested in. We are committed to satisfying all our customers, most of whom come back to us for more engagement sooner rather than later without losing their respect.

Can others understand that I bought followers for my account?

You shouldn’t even worry about it. All the followers we send to you are real legit accounts, so Instagram will not suspect you in anything, because the activity will look organic, as in normal cases when people decide to join your Instagram page. So, there’s no way others will understand that your followers were bought.

Can I get 1000 followers to be added to a friend’s profile?

Yes, and what a great gift it would be! If you have a friend or colleague who has been struggling to establish themselves on the app, purchasing them reliable engagement and increasing the traffic to their profile can reinvigorate their love for social media. Over the years, has dealt with a wide variety of customers, some of whom were gifting attention and fans to a friend or family member.

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